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Filter Bags

The correct felt type selection is essential for the appropiate dust removal. The main reasons are:

  •      An increasingly stringent legislation on regulatory compliance.
  •      The demand for lower emission values required by customers.
  •      The moral and social obligation to protect the environment.

Our experience over the years allows us to advise on any commercially available fiber.

Functional diagram of a filter:

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Filter Bags/ Treatments

We can afford any sort of surface treatment, such as: water-repellent, oil repellent, full teflon bath (PTFE surface coating), Fireguard® (spark resistant), and so on.

All the felts can be antistatic, excharge ® system, in resistance values 10 ^ 6 Ohm.

Excharge ® features can be used to assess risk in household who are subject to the directive 94/9/EC Atex Directive.

PTFE membrane may be laminated to a wide range of fabrics for applications baghouses or cartridges filters applications.

The membrane acts as a precoating, providing excellent dust release and high performance in retaining fine particles, allowing optimum air flow and reduced drop  pressure across the filter.

Filter Bags/ Analysis

We can analyze any filter bag in our laboratories, making a report on the state of the same in terms of permeability, mechanical strength, durability, etc.

For ACMA is very important that our customers can have complete confidence to get a clear response and support based on their needs and queries.

Filter Bags/ Apparel

We can produce welded or sewn filter bags through a totally automated system.

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